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my (somewhat last minute) contest entry for FashionIllustrators PERFUME ME contest (<da:thumb id="454289356">)

It is Midnight Rose by lLANCOME (…. I chose this because a) i wanted to draw stars and the night sky and b) roses are cool too. 
(the stars were the fun part) 

ALSO just a note, the stars are supposed to 'twinkle' (or simply glow and fade) so if it you're not seeing that, please just wait a moment and the gif will work (hopefully) 
Game of Flowers by chiaroscuro8
Game of Flowers

sketches of Game of Thrones royalty with flowers (most definitely inspired by CarrotCakeBandit. She's one of the first artists i followed/admired when i just discovered dA and probably one of my favourites :heart:)

cersei- red roses: deep emotions- love/longing/desire. reed Roses can also be used to convey respect/admiration

dany- dahlia: inner strength, creativity, standing strong in your values

margaery- ranunculus: radiant charm. it conveys a message that 'you are radiant with charm' or 'you are attractive'

sansa- sunflower: adoration and dedication. it is symbolic of dedicated love, however is also symbolic of haughtiness.


Widget + Poppet by chiaroscuro8
Widget + Poppet
Winston Aidan 「Widget」Murray and Penelope Aislin 「Poppet」Murray from the Night Circus.  I've been trying to try new styles of drawing during my 'breaks' from studying (yearly exams fun fun). I think I have quite a few 'work in progress' drawings, which will probably be abandoned, or possibly compiled into a sketch dump sort of post. Working in monochrome is both frustrating and interesting, and altogether a great way to procrastinate. Back to work now. 

Also, it would be really nice if you checked out my tumblr and/or reblog/note this:…

If anyone guesses/can tell what (aside from the Night Circus book) inspired this, I'll do something insignificant but nice for you.  
The Night Circus: Isobel and Tsukiko by chiaroscuro8
The Night Circus: Isobel and Tsukiko
It has been a while (to say the least) since my last design upload. Well I still exist. 
These are costume designs for two characters from my favourite novel 'The Night Circus' by Erin Morgenstern. They're not major characters or my favourite characters but ideas for their costumes just came to me first. 
If anyone still remembers from my old designs, I don't particularly like working in grayscale and probably would've avoided it forever but my love for the Night Circus is greater than my annoyance with drawing in black and white so I gave it shot. I'm not too happy with the way that it looks but I think that's partially because I made their figures relatively in proportion to an average human rather than an elongated fashion croquis. 
Anyways, L-R
Isobel: the fortune teller/tarot card reader of the circus... The dress is mostly layers of sheer materials, sprinkled with stars. I don't like her face. She's not really what I want Isobel to look like but I cbf doing a proper portrait rn. 
Tsukiko: contortionist. Somewhat kimono inspired  (the robe thing will come off during performance) with origami inspired bodice. And galaxy/star printed obi bow/stockings/gloves. (also didn't draw her tattoos oops). 


Rose petals probably came from a reveur c;


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Hello my name is Isabel.
I live in Sydney, Australia.
I'm in High School.

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