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  • Listening to: UVERworld
  • Watching: devil survivor 2: the animation
not that it would make a difference because I haven't been particularly active for the recently anyway.

On another random note, I started making cranes last Sunday and my goal is to get 1000 in less than a month.. I'm up to 350. Why did I feel the need to do this? That's a good question. 

  • Watching: Elementary
  • Playing: Bastion

Would you commission me (money, not points)?
They'd be either fashion designs (like most of my art), traditional drawings (…), or digital drawings (

  • Reading: the FAYZ; Plague
  • Watching: Code Geass
  • Drinking: Tea
Any suggestions for my next collection of designs?
I'm low on inspiration right now.
  • Reading: Brigands M.C
  • Watching: gossip girl season 1
Today is Christmas Eve in Australia and it's been about a week since I've created a deviantART account and I've had an amazing response to my fashion design. I thought it was about time I created a journal entry and said thank you for all the favourites, the comments, the critiques and the daily deviation on my first deviation ^^

My school holidays just started about a week ago, and I've spent most of my time re-watching Gossip Girl from season 1 and feeling all-knowing after the show's finale finally revealed GG's identity. But during all this Gossip Girl re-watching I've been sketching new dresses so I'll be relatively active throughout the next few weeks.

So aside from that, thank you for all the welcomes, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :hug::xmas: